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Panel with the cover open close up
Note: Open your main electrical panel door and take a photo that includes all the breakers and labels. (Please verify that all numbers on breakers can be seen in photo)
Panel from father back showing the space around it
Take a photo of your main electrical panel standing far enough away that we can see its placement in relation to the rest of your home. Your main electrical panel is connected to your electric meter and is most often the larger of your electric panels.
Photo of the front of the garage from the driveway with garage doors open
Take a photo of your garage from far enough away that we can determine its placement in relation to your home.
The desired location of the wall charger showing the floor and ceiling
Take a photo or video of where you think your home charging station should be placed.
Note: The cost increases the farther you get from the panel!

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Is there an attic access over the garage?

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